Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Lower the staple case release lever and remove the staple case. Discarding punch waste when a punch module is installed While pulling the lever, slide the saddle stitch finisher to the left until it stops. Make a test print or copy in staple sort mode to verify that stapling takes place correctly. It is recommended that you keep a set of new toner cartridges so that you can replace them quickly when toner runs out. Your service technician will collect the used toner cartridge. Depending on your conditions of use, the color may become faint or the image blurred.

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Discard the punch waste in a plastic bag or other container, taking care not to let the waste scatter.

When the used toner box is full, the display will show “Replace used toner container. Replace the cleaning tool. Turn roller rotating knob A in the direction of the arrow sharp mx 4500n move the staple unit out to the front.

Page 50 Remove the misfed paper. Page 52 Discarding punch waste when a punch module is installed While pulling the lever, slide the saddle stitch finisher to the left until it stops. In sharp mx 4500n, each set of sorted output can be stapled. When toner runs even lower, ” Toner supply is low.


Store it in a plastic nx.

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Waste Toner Box Make sure that the cleaner at the tip of the cleaning tool is not dirty. Page 54 Scanning area If coloured lines or white lines appear in images scanned using the automatic document feeder, clean the scanning area the thin long glass next to the document glass.

Close the saddle stitch section cover. Raise the lever at the front end of the staple case and remove the jammed staple. An optional hole punching sharp mx 4500n can also be installed to punch holes in sharp mx 4500n.

Sharp MX-4500N User Manual

Contact your dealer or nearest authorised service representative for advice 45000n suitable paper. To view the approximate amount of toner remaining, continually touch the [COPY] key during sharp mx 4500n or when the machine is idle.

This problem may be alleviated by shifting the fusing unit pressure adjusting levers from their “normal pressure position” The code indicates a fusing unit part has reached it’s replacement interval. Open the paper settings screen. For detailed information on shqrp paper that can be loaded, see the specifications in the Safety Guide and “Paper Tray Settings” Do not point the holes down sharp mx 4500n used toner will spill out. Touch the [Password] key.

Pull the replacement cleaner out of the waste toner box. The maintenance codes alert sharp mx 4500n user of a consumable item nearing it’s normal maintenance or replacement interval, or the interval has been reached. The main power switch is at the lower left after the front cover is opened.


Sharp MXN Toner Cartridges – Internet Ink

Remove the misfed paper. The procedure for downloading the manuals is explained in “How to download the manuals in PDF format” When the 45500n conditions appear, clean the sharp mx 4500n unit. Open the front cover. Indicator Insert the originals face up all the way into the document feeder line tray. Gently slide the finisher back to the right until it wharp into its original position.

Clean the laser unit. Page 28 When you change the type of paper loaded in tray 5, change the paper type setting in “Paper Tray Settings” in the system settings. Placing A Thick Book Placing a thick book When scanning a thick book or other thick original, follow the steps below to press the book down. sharp mx 4500n

Clean The Laser Unit Clean the laser unit.